How to Watch Brooklyn Nets Anywhere in the World

How to Watch Brooklyn Nets Anywhere in the World

The Brooklyn Nets are a professional basketball team based in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. The Nets are members of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The team’s home games are held at the Barclays Center. They are one of the two NBA franchises based in Manhattan; the other is the New York Knicks. The team was founded in 1967 as a founding franchise of the American Basketball Association, the rival league of the NBA (ABA).

If you are a big fan and want to follow the Brooklyn Nets Anywhere in the World games, you are at the right place. I will share the ways to stream every Brooklyn Nets game, no matter where you are.

To watch a live Nets game, you’ll need a streaming service that includes the Yes Network, ESPN, TNT, MSG, and NBA TV. Additionally, you may want to consider having ABC broadcast the NBA Finals.

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How to Watch Brooklyn Nets Without Cable

NBA TVYes(Add-on) NoYes(Add-on)YesYes
YES NetworkNoNoNoNoYes
TNTNo YesYesYesYes
ESPN YesYesYesYesYes

How to Watch the Brooklyn Nets on Hulu + Live TV

Hulu’s live TV platform offers many options for streaming a Nets game. It’s equipped with ESPN, TNT, and ABC, which means you’ll be able to watch select games in primetime and playoffs. However, it does not provide Yes Network or MSG.

Also, while Hulu does not currently offer NBA TV, it may be added to NBA League Pass. Overall, Hulu + Live TV offers a wide range of sports networks and entertainment alternatives for as little as $76.99 per month. You can try Hulu’s TV service for seven days for free.


  • ​​Cost you $76.99/mo.
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • 50 Hours of DVR

How to Watch the Brooklyn Nets on fuboTV

If you want to watch a Nets game live online, fuboTV is a good option to explore. Includes ESPN, ABC, and MSG as standard, with the option to add NBA TV for an additional $10 per month. The only downside is that you won’t be able to use TNT.

Meanwhile, fuboTV’s standard package includes more than 100 channels. Plus, you’ll have access to 250 hours of recording capacity, which is more than enough space to record as many Nets games as you want. You can try fuboTV for a week for free. And if you love it, your basic subscription starts at $74.99 per month and increases the price accordingly, including other add-ons beyond the sports packages.

  • Cost you 74.99$/Mo
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • 250 DVR Hours

How to Watch the Brooklyn Nets on YouTube TV

Nets fans can now watch certain games live on YouTube TV. Its standard plan, which starts at $72.99 per month, includes ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV. The only downside is that it doesn’t include Yes Network or MSG.

That said, YouTube TV is very valuable. You get more than 85 channels, unlimited recording capacity, and three simultaneous streams with the standard service. Try the platform for a week to see if it’s a good match. Additionally, YouTube TV often offers reduced-month introductory promotions, saving you money on signup.


  • Cost you $72.99/mo.
  • 7 days Free Trial
  • Unlimited DVR Hours

How to Watch the Brooklyn Nets on Sling TV

You can watch a Nets game live and save money with Sling TV. ESPN and TNT are included in the Sling Orange package for $35 per month. Plus, you can get NBA TV for an additional $11 a month.

Like other streaming providers, Sling TV does not have the Yes Network or MSG. The platform provides an impressive variety of games. For $40/mo, you can choose the standalone Sling Orange package, or for $60/mo, you can combine it with Sling Blue for a greater variety of channels. Plus, Sling often runs promotions that give you an even better discount when you sign up, like a month for $10 or something similar.


  • Cost you 40$/mo
  • No Free Trial
  • 50 Hours of DVR

How to Watch the Brooklyn Nets on DIRECTV STREAM

DIRECTV STREAM is the most effective real-time method of capturing all of the action. It includes ESPN, TNT, ABC, and MSG. You’ll also get access to NBA TV, but only if you upgrade to a higher-tier bundle.

DIRECTV STREAM includes over 40,000 on-demand titles, 500 hours of on-demand recording capacity, and a complimentary voice-activated remote control. However, the service is quite costly, with bundles beginning at $64.99 (without NBA TV) or $89.99 (with NBA TV). DIRECTV STREAM does not provide a free trial period; however, you may use the service for 14 days without being charged.


  • Cost you $64.99/mo. without NBA TV or $89.99/mo. with NBA TV
  • No free trial, but the first 14 days are risk-free
  • DVR hours: Unlimited for an additional $10/mo.

How to Watch the Brooklyn Nets on NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass is a good place to start if you want to know how to watch Nets games online. It allows you to watch all NBA games out of the market, so if you are a Nets fan living outside of the region, this subscription may be the best option.

In addition, you have various options to choose from, ranging from subscriptions to a single game to access all the games offered in your region during the season. Plus, it includes on-demand content, allowing you to relive your favorite games and catch up on the ones you missed. Plus, you can listen to live broadcasts with regional play-by-play stations for a more local perspective.

NBA League Pass is one of the most accessible options for out-of-state Nets fans to watch Brooklyn games throughout the season. One thing to watch out for is game interruptions, which can happen if you live nearby. While games streamed on major networks are often not available on NBA League Pass, any games that are locally blocked can generally be accessed on NBA League Pass within a few days.

  • Cost you $19.99/mo. to watch one team’s games only
  • 7 days Free Trial
  • No DVR Hours

How to Avoid Brooklyn Nets Blackouts

Since the NBA does not officially allow you to catch live the local games of the NBA. However, you can still access the game right after the end of the broadcast. If you are curious about the game and watch a live game, you can use a VPN service to avoid the blackout.

  • Subscribe to any VPN service
  • Change your location other than the local area in the US
  • Access any of the above streaming services
  • Catch our live Golden Brooklyn Nets game there

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