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How to Watch NBA Playoffs 2024 Online in Taiwan

Nobody would expect there to be a huge volume of Taiwanese fans for NBA. There is a huge fan club for basketball in Taiwan. Unlike the top-notch native sports countries like USA, Canada, Venezuela and Mexico, there are too limited options for Taiwanese audiences to watch live NBA streaming online.

In this article, I will share a few methods to watch NBA finals, all star games and NBA drafts live streaming in Taiwan.

Watch NBA on NBA League Pass in Taiwan

NBA TV is offering NBA league pass for the people of USA and outside USA. Basically, they are offering two types of passes. One is for USA and other one is for the International. So, you must go for an international NBA league pass to watch live streaming of NBA games in Taiwan.

During the regular season, NBA is streaming live games of regular season.

The drawback of NBA league pass is that the hometown team is not available until three days after the game. In order to access the live streaming, you need to get a VPN service, change your location and then enjoy the streaming of your favorite team.

Watch NBA on ESPN, ABC, TNT or NBA TV in Taiwan

The live streaming will only be available to NBA league pass. However, if you can wait for a certain time period like 3-Hours, then you can watch NBA streaming on ESPN, ABC, TNT or NBA TV.

These services are both available for iOS and Android. In addition to that, paying for that subscription will lead you to the world of sports entertainment.

Where to Watch NBA Without Cable in Taiwan

Various online streaming services can be accessed to watch NBA live streaming. The streaming service may not be available in Taiwan; however, you can reach them using a fine VPN service like Express VPN.

Here’s how you can access online streaming services like SlingTV, fuboTV, Hulu, DirecTV and YoutubeTV in Taiwan.

  1. Download and Install Express VPN on your device like Android, iOS, Chromecast or Apple TV
  2. Launch Express VPN and change your location to USA
  3. Access any of the above-mentioned streaming services on your device
  4. Browse for the official broadcasters like ESPN and ABC
  5. Enjoy streaming NBA live streaming in your Smart Gadgets

Can you Watch the NBA in Taiwan for Free?

Yes, you can watch NBA in Taiwan for free at. However, you won’t be able to get free for the life time. In real the streaming services offers a 7-day trial period. You can enjoy the trial period for free. If you have many cards, you need to input new details after a week to carry on the trial periods. You may have to use a VPN service to hide your previous IDs as well.

How to Get Rid of Blackouts in Taiwan for NBA?

There may be some regions in Taiwan as well where the NBA league pass won’t work. So, for that, you must have to add a fine VPN service to your browser or mobile device. After adding that, you can change your location and then again access the pass. It will be accessible to you then.

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