NBA Games Supporting Scholarship

A $1200 NBA Games Supporting Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $1200
  • Submission Deadline: September 30, 2022
  • Award Announcement Date: November 12, 2022

To Watch NBA is providing News, Methods & Links to Watch Live Sports. We are supporting NBA/Basketball lovers to get hands-on content that they want through the internet. We gather genuine information from different sources & available it in a single place.

Benefits of Our Supporting Scholarship

We as sports media as a known brand in providing quality content about NBA/Basketball. “To Watch NBA” is one of our projects. We are providing a hefty 1200 dollars scholarship.

The given scholarship would be a huge favour for the students who really want to make their way of success in their careers and this is what we are doing by adding our small part which will accommodate them to achieve their desired goals.

Moreover, the scholarship we are giving embodies students of all levels is that college, undergraduate, and post-graduate students can find themselves capable to apply for this scholarship.

Therefore, to make yourself able to achieve this whooping scholarship you must have some knowledge about soccer, if you are an athlete, you might be a step ahead in the competition.

Task of the Scholarship

Now comes what you actually have to do in order to get this program! The main task of this scholarship through which you can gain this great opportunity is that you must have enough knowledge about Sports. You can write anything you want related to Soccer but only if it makes sense to us. You can choose the topic yourself considering our site in your mind. We work on Sports especially NBA, Basketball News, Live Stream Media and Ways to Watch Live, so you can also write down on the latest topics.

You can elaborate on the following Ideas

Consider these articles as an example or guidelines. You are not restricted to these topics only.

  • Why there are NBA Blackouts? Do they change for every season?
  • Why there is a need of a VPN services to watch live stream of NBA Games?
  • What are NBA League Pass Best Alternatives?
  • How to Watch NBA Playoffs in Australia
  • How to Watch NBA Playoffs in Europe
  • Why Express VPN is the best to Stream NBA/Basketball?
  • What it implies to the term “NBA Team Roster”?
  • Who are the all-time Basketball Grates and Why?


A simple blunder can make you lose the race so you have to be ultra-careful, be on point as no irrelevant piece of writing would be acceptable or something that has nothing to with our topic. The more accurate and knowledgeable your article, there are more chances you getting this scholarship.

Furthermore, the scholarship you win will be directly handed over to your University, College, OR School.

Submission of Task

After writing a 5000 words article, submit it to our official email address Make sure that it is well written and there should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your submission.

We will also require the following details along with your submission:

  • Full Name.
  • Name of University or College you are enrolled in.
  • The Sport you are interested in & your career as player
  • Phone Number, Email Address or any other means of contact.
  • Link to your online portfolio.
  • Article/Content document.

You might be worried about the reviewing process like whether your article will nicely be reviewed or not or maybe left unseen in thousands of articles. Well, whoever will participate in this program their articles will be directly sent to our team of professional content writers where every single article will be reviewed with consideration.

Deadline Details

Content submission is open until Sep 30, 2022. Keep in mind that we will notify the lucky winner of this scholarship individually via email.

Furthermore, the winner will be announced after 1 Month of the submission. Along with that, one should also note that this creative writing scholarship is released every year to facilitate students in an ideal manner. Articles submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The basic and necessary requirement is that you have to write and submit 5000 words article and if it is worthy enough to be on top, you will be awarded a stipend of $1200.

Some other rules are mentioned below:

  • Only one entry is allowed. You are not allowed to submit more than one article for the competition. It might end in complete rejection. Keep in mind that we will reject any other submission from the same IP.
  • The language of content must be English.
  • Minimum CGPA: 2.8
  • Students will have full right of submitted information/content.

This scholarship is for the session 2022 only. We will announce more scholarships like that every year, however, the amount may vary in each session.

We holds every right to change the terms at any time. The terms can get changed in case of any problem otherwise the criteria will be the same.


We pride ourselves on keeping your information private. Our team will never sell the personal data of anyone who participates in our Scholarship.

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