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In this guide we will share the complete schedule of NBA games, the Eastern Time, TV Channel and Arenas. The first game of NBA season 2021-22 will start on Oct 19. The regular NBA season will be concluded on April 10.

NBA Games Today

Friday, 15-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Cavaliers vs Hawks7:30 PMESPNRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Clippers vs Pelicans10:00 Arena

Saturday, 16-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Mavericks vs Jazz1:00 PMESPNAmerican Airlines Center
Grizzlies vs Timberwolves3:30 PMESPNFedExForum
76ers vs Raptors6:00 PMESPNWells Fargo Center
Warriors vs Nuggets8:30 PMABCChase Center

Sunday, 17-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Celtics vs Nets3:30 PMABCTD Garden
Bucks vs Bulls6:30 PMTNTFiserv Forum

Monday, 18-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
76ers vs Raptors7:30 PMTNTWells Fargo Center
Mavericks vs Jazz8:30 PMNBA TVAmerican Airlines Center
Warriors vs Nuggets10:00 PMTNTChase Center

Tuesday, 19-04-2022

GameTime (ET)TVArena
Grizzlies vs Timberwolves1:00 PMTBDFedExForum

Wednesday, 20-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Celtics vs Nets7:00 PMTNTTD Garden
Raptors vs 76ers8:00 PMNBA TVScotiabank Arena
Bucks vs Bulls9:30 PMTNTFiserv Forum

Thursday, 21-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Timberwolves vs Grizzlies7:30 PMTNTTarget Center
Jazz vs Mavericks9:00 PMNBA TVVivint Arena
Nuggets vs Warriors10:00 PMTNTBall Arena

Friday, 22-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Bulls vs Bucks8:30 PMABCUnited Center

Saturday, 23-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Nets vs Celtics1:00 PMESPNBarclays Center
Timberwolves vs Grizzlies1:00 PMESPNTarget Center
Raptors vs 76ers2:00 PMTNTScotiabank Arena
Jazz vs Mavericks4:30 PMTNTVivint Arena

Sunday, 24-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Bulls vs Bucks1:00 PMABCUnited Center
Nuggets vs Warriors3:30 PMABCBall Arena

Tuesday, 26-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Grizzlies vs TimberwolvesTBDTBDFedExForum

Wednesday, 27-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Celtics vs NetsTBDTBDTD Garden
Bucks vs BullsTBDTBDFiserv Forum
Warriors vs NuggetsTBDTBDChase Center

Thursday, 28-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TV
Jazz vs MavericksTBDTBD
Raptors vs 76ersTBDTBD

Friday, 29-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Timberwolves vs GrizzliesTBDTBDTarget Center
Bulls vs BucksTBDTBDUnited Center
Nets vs CelticsTBDTBDBarclays Center
Nuggets vs WarriorsTBDTBDBall Arena

Saturday, 30-04-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Mavericks vs JazzTBDTNTAmerican Airlines Center
76ers vs RaptorsTBDTNTWells Fargo Center

Sunday, 01-05-2022

GamesTime (ET)TVArena
Warriors vs NuggetsTBDTBDChase Center
Bucks vs BullsTBDTBDFiserv Forum
Grizzlies vs TimberwolvesTBDTBDFedExForum
Celtics vs NetsTBDTBDTD Garden

How Many Games will be played in NBA season 2021-22?

During the NBA regular season 2021-22, there will be 82 games played.

How many Weeks are there in NBA Season 2021-2022?

NBA games will is extended to over 26 week.

When is the NBA Regular Season 2021-2022?

NBA regular season starts on Oct 19, 2021 and concluded on April 10, 2022.

When is the NBA All-Star Weekend 2022?

NBA All-Star Weekend will last from Feb 18, 2022 to Feb 20, 2022.

When is the NBA Play-in Tournament 2022?

NBA Play-in Tournament of 2021-2022 will begin on April 12, 2022 and concluded on April 12, 2022.

When will the NBA Playoffs Begin 2022?

NBA Playoff will kick-off from April 16, 2022 onwards.

When is the NBA Final Games 2022?

NBA Finals will start from June 2, 2022 and concluded on June 19, 2022 if necessary. The NBA Finals comprises of 7-Games.

When is the NBA Drafts 2022?

NBA Drafts 2022 will begin on June 23, 2022.

What are the Key NBA Dates?

Here are few of the Key NBA Dates every fan to follow:

The regular season starts: Oct. 19
All-Star Weekend 2022: Feb. 18-20
Regular season finishes: April 10
Play-In Tournament: April 12-15
Playoffs begin: April 16
NBA Finals Game 1: June 2
NBA Draft 2022: June 23

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