San Antonio Spurs Schedule

OpponentDateTime (ET)TV
vs Houston RocketsWed, January 128:30 PMATSW
vs Cleveland CavaliersFri, January 148:30 PMBSOH
vs Los Angeles ClippersSat, January 158:30 PMBSSC
vs Phoenix SunsMon, January 178:30 PMBSAZ
vs Oklahoma City ThunderWed, January 198:30 PMBSOK
vs Brooklyn NetsFri, January 218:30 PMYES
vs Philadelphia 76ersSun, January 237:00 PMNSP
@ Houston RocketsTue, January 258:00 PMATSW
vs Memphis GrizzliesWed, January 267:30 PMESPN
vs Chicago BullsFri, January 288:30 PMNSCH
@ Phoenix SunsSun, January 308:00 PMBSAZ
vs Golden State WarriorsTue, February 18:30 PMNSBA
vs Miami HeatThu, February 38:30 PMSUN
vs Houston RocketsFri, February 48:30 PMATSW
@ Cleveland CavaliersWed, February 97:00 PMBSOH
@ Atlanta HawksFri, February 117:30 PMBSS
@ New Orleans PelicansSat, February 127:00 PMBSNO
@ Chicago BullsMon, February 148:00 PMBSSW
@ Oklahoma City ThunderWed, February 168:00 PMBSOK
@ Washington WizardsFri, February 257:00 PMTBD
@ Miami HeatSat, February 268:00 PMTBD
@ Memphis GrizzliesMon, February 288:00 PMTBD
vs Sacramento KingsThu, March 38:30 PMTBD
@ Charlotte HornetsSat, March 57:00 PMTBD
vs Los Angeles LakersMon, March 78:30 PMTBD
vs Toronto RaptorsWed, March 98:30 PMTBD
vs Utah JazzFri, March 118:30 PMTBD
vs Indiana PacersSat, March 128:00 PMTBD
vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMon, March 148:30 PMTBD
vs Oklahoma City ThunderWed, March 168:30 PMTBD
vs New Orleans PelicansFri, March 188:30 PMTBD
@ Golden State WarriorsSun, March 208:30 PMNBA TV
@ Portland Trail BlazersWed, March 2310:00 PMTBD
@ New Orleans PelicansSat, March 265:00 PMTBD
@ Houston RocketsMon, March 288:00 PMTBD
vs Memphis GrizzliesWed, March 308:30 PMTBD
vs Portland Trail BlazersFri, April 18:30 PMTBD
vs Portland Trail BlazersSun, April 37:00 PMTBD
@ Denver NuggetsTue, April 59:00 PMTBD
@ Minnesota TimberwolvesThu, April 78:00 PMTBD
vs Golden State WarriorsSat, April 91:00 PMNBA TV
@ Dallas MavericksSun, April 10TBDTBD

How many games will San Antonio Spurs play this season?

In NBA 2021-22 season San Antonio Spurs will play 82 games before the start of play-in tournament which is to be started on April 10.

What Channel is San Antonio Spurs Game on Tonight?

There is different schedule for home and away games. Check our guide how to watch San Antonio Spurs online.

What channel can you watch San Antonio Spurs today’s game?

Most of the San Antonio Spurs games will be available on ESPN. If you want to watch online you can go for any of the below streaming services.

  1. DirecTV
  2. fuboTV
  3. Hulu TV
  4. Sling TV
  5. YoutubeTV

Who will play by San Antonio Spurs side?

Only 5 players will be actively playing on each game. Check out San Antonio Spurs Roster for ease.

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