How to Watch Amazon Prime Video in Europe

Amazon Prime Video: How to Unblock in Europe, the Pricing and Availability of Content

In the ever-evolving digital entertainment landscape, Amazon Prime Video stands out as a powerhouse, providing its users a rich and diverse streaming experience. Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service offered by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. While it is an integral part of Amazon Prime membership, it is also available as a standalone subscription for those who specifically crave the vast content library and exclusive shows and movies offered by the platform.

Why is it Necessary to Unblock Amazon Prime Video in Europe?

The primary difference between Amazon Prime Video in the United States and its versions in other countries lies in the content library available to users. Due to licensing agreements and regional restrictions, the content available on Amazon Prime Video can vary significantly from one country to another.

Here are some key points to consider:

Different regions have different licensing agreements, leading to variations in the movies, TV shows, and other content available on Amazon Prime Video. Some content may be available in one country but not in another.

The availability of newly released movies and TV shows may differ between regions. Some content may be available in one country before it is released in another.

Due to licensing and copyright issues, certain content may be restricted to specific geographical regions. This means that even if you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription in one country, you may not be able to access the same content when traveling or residing in another country.

The availability of subtitles and language options can vary between regions. Some content may offer subtitles or dubbing in one country but not in another.

Amazon produces and releases original content, often known as “Amazon Originals.” While some of these shows and movies are available globally, others may be restricted to specific regions.

To access a specific country’s version of Amazon Prime Video, users often need to have a subscription associated with an account registered in that country. Additionally, users may use Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to bypass geographical restrictions and access content from another country, but this is against the terms of service of many streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video.

Users should be aware that using a VPN to access content from a different region may violate the platform’s policies and could lead to account suspension or termination.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

If your primary interest lies in accessing the streaming content offered by Amazon Prime Video, you have the option to subscribe to a standalone plan. Priced at $9 per month, this plan allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of entertainment available on the platform without the additional benefits of a comprehensive Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Subscription Plans

For a more comprehensive online experience, Amazon offers the Amazon Prime membership, which encompasses a range of benefits beyond just video streaming. There are two primary subscription options:

Monthly Amazon Prime Subscription: $15/mo

Opting for the monthly plan allows you to enjoy all the perks of Amazon Prime on a month-to-month basis. This includes access to Amazon Prime Video and benefits like free and fast shipping on eligible purchases, exclusive discounts at Whole Foods Market, and much more.

Yearly Amazon Prime Subscription: $139/yr

The yearly subscription is cost-effective for those committed to a longer-term relationship with Amazon Prime. For an annual fee of $139, you unlock all the advantages of the monthly subscription but at a lower cost per month.

The All-Encompassing Prime Experience

While the standalone Prime Video plan caters specifically to entertainment enthusiasts, it’s worth noting the broader benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership. With Prime, you gain access to a plethora of services and conveniences, transforming Amazon into a one-stop-shop for various aspects of your online life.

When considering the cost of Amazon Prime Video, it’s clear that purchasing an Amazon Prime subscription offers a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution. Not only do you get the full array of Prime Video content, but you also unlock a host of additional benefits that enhance your overall online experience.

Amazon Prime Video Library of Content

Amazon Prime Video is a comprehensive entertainment hub with a diverse array of content. It features original productions, syndicated shows, and the option to rent or buy additional movies and TV shows. The platform is renowned for its extensive collection of original content, including critically acclaimed and popular titles across various genres.

In addition to original programming, Prime Video offers a wide array of syndicated shows, catering to diverse tastes. One distinctive feature is the ability to rent or buy additional content, providing users with flexibility beyond the subscription package. Amazon Prime Video Channels allow users to subscribe to additional content directly through the platform, offering specialized programming from various networks and streaming services.

Moreover, users can enhance their experience with add-ons, optional subscriptions providing access to premium content or specialized features. As a starting point, some standout Prime Video originals include “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “The Boys,” “The Wheel of Time,” and “Fleabag.” The platform’s multifaceted approach ensures its users a broad and engaging entertainment experience.

  • Coming 2 America
  • Tell Me Your Secrets
  • Upload
  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
  • My Spy
  • Brittany Runs a Marathon
  • All or Nothing: Manchester City
  • Homecoming
  • Hunter
  • Harlem
  • One Night in Miami
  • The Wheel of Time
  • The Tomorrow War
  • Late Night
  • The Wilds
  • The Boys
  • Reacher

Prime Video provides over 100 additional channels that subscribers can purchase for an extra cost. These channels cover various categories, including live sports such as NBA League Pass, NFL’s Thursday Night Football, and MLB.TV. Additionally, premium cable networks like Showtime, Epix, Paramount+, Cinemax, and Starz are available for subscription through Prime Video.

Additional Features Offered by Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video operates as an on-demand streaming service, eliminating the need for a DVR since you can access any title whenever you want.

For simultaneous viewing, the service supports three screens and enables the creation of up to six user profiles. This ensures that you won’t have to wait for others to finish their content before diving into your favorite shows.

Sports enthusiasts will find a variety of options among Prime Video’s premium channels, including the exclusive streaming of NFL’s Thursday Night Football games starting from the 2022-2023 season. Additional sports channels like NBA League Pass, NFL Network, and MLB Network can be added for an enhanced sports experience.

Offline downloads are also available for selected titles, allowing viewers to watch content without an internet connection. This feature is accessible to customers with a Fire Tablet or the Prime Video app on iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows devices.

Supported Devices with Prime Video

Prime Video offers seamless streaming compatibility with a wide range of your favorite devices, ensuring accessibility like never before.

Here are the list of device Prime Video supports:

  • Smart TVs including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Vizio, and more
  • Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Prime Video VR for Oculus
  • Tivo
  • Samsung smartphones and tablets
  • Roku
  • Panasonic Blu-Ray player
  • Apple TV
  • Dish Network
  • Fire phone
  • Playstation 5, 4, and 3
  • Android mobile devices
  • LG Blu-Ray player
  • Cox Contour
  • Sony Blu-Ray player
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
  • Web browsers for macOS and Windows
  • Prime Video for PC and Mac apps
  • Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods
  • Samsung Blu-Ray player
  • Fire tablet
  • Echo devices with a display
  • Chromecast
  • Comcast X1

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