How to Watch NBA in Brazil

Watch NBA 2024 Playoffs Online in Brazil

Just like in various states of South America, the craze of basketball in Brazil is no way lesser. The fans of the NBA are widely available in Brazil. They have been playing basketball for ages and the most premium talent also took part in the team of National Basketball Associations. But there is always a problem to watch NBA in Brazil. Actually, the broadcasting rights fluctuate almost every season and the fans remain confused about which channel will broadcast the NBA games completely.

In this article, I will guide the ways to watch NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals as well as NBA All-Star Game in Brazil.

Television is the primary source for Brazilian people to watch the NBA games live. There are some channels that have been broadcasting all information about the event and live on-air telecasts of NBA games.


ESPN Brasil is one of the finest sources to watch every NBA game in Brazil. The events that are telecast by ESPN in Brazil are mostly American-focused sports. You can watch NBA live streaming on ESPN Brazil without any interruption. ESPN mostly broadcasts games originally broadcast by American ESPN.

In addition to that, you can also watch live TV shows, Sports Talks, Recording programs, and Sports Related Movies in Brazil.

So, it is the finest option for you to watch NBA live streaming in Brazil on TV.


SporTV is the most-watched sports TV channel in brazil. In 2013, they launched an HD simulcast of sports events. It is the third largest and most watched paid sports TV channel in Brazil.

SporTV usually broadcasts games that are aired on TNT in the USA but using the graphic package of the NBA International League Pass.

TV Band

TV Band is another way to watch NBA games live in Brazil. You can watch the two live regular-season games every week via its free-to-air (FTA) and pay-TV channels on Thursdays and Sundays (BRT). Besides this, it has also opened the broadcasting of the NBA Finals.

NBA Streaming Online in Brazil

People look at a variety of options these days to watch their favorite sports from their location. Aiming this, various live streaming platforms came into the market to provide live NBA streaming through their platforms. So, in short, you have now access to watch NBA All-Star Game Online in Brazil as well as you can watch NBA finals online in Brasil.


TNT has initiated the broadcasting of NBA games in Brazil as well. TNT’s NBA coverage includes the Inside the NBA studio show, weekly doubleheaders throughout the regular season on Tuesdays and Thursdays (starting in the winter), a majority of games during the first two rounds of the playoffs, and one conference finals series.

So, get the TNT subscription now and enjoy the unlimited online streaming if NBA games on your smart gadgets.

Budweiser Brazil

Budweiser is its marketing partner in Brazil since 2015. With Budweiser, fans are enabled to watch a weekly broadcast and live stream of NBA games. The plus point is that the content will be in the Portuguese language that will be accessible to a variety of platforms.

Budweiser is basically a beer company that is offering broadcasting of the NBA on its social platforms. So, the live streaming of NBA games will be accessible may be on YouTube or another social media location.

Watch NBA Live Streaming on Twitch

Now twitch content creator is also in the market to show the live streaming of every NBA game in Brazil.

“Gaules” a twitch gaming streaming, will have the right to telecast live streaming of NBA games on his personal channel. He has already more than 3M subscribers, so it will be a good deal for NBA. He will be telecasting the games in an extension agreement with Budweiser.

NBA League Pass Brazil

NBA league pass is always an available option to watch NBA in Brazil. However, the NBA league pass might be blocked for the Brazilian Audience, so for that, you have to do some innovation. You can use a sound VPN and relocate yourself to the USA and get the NBA League Pass to watch NBA Finals from your location.

Watch NBA Live on Mobile

NBA has committed an agreement to telecast live streaming of NBA games on iOS and Android Devices. There are many official partners with the NBA to broadcast the live streaming of NBA finals and NBA playoffs on mobile in Brazil.

Telefónica Vivo Brazil

Telefónica Vivo Brazil has reached a distribution agreement with BA to deliver love basketball games via mobile streaming in Brazil. This app will enable access to NBA league passes and let the fans like NBA games in action for the whole season.

The app will have two versions

  • The basic service version will deliver one live game per week throughout the season.
  • The premium service option gives full access to NBA League Pass with every game available live, including the play-offs.

Watch NBA in Brazil Avoiding Blackouts

There are various jurisdiction-based and broadcasting-based issues in streaming live all the NBA games in Brazil as well. The methods discussed above will not let you get full access to every match of NBA. So don’t miss out on the important games of NBA finals NBA playoffs and NBA All-Star games anyways.
Install a VPN now change your location and get to the new era of online NBA streaming.

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