How to Watch NBA in Philippines

Live Stream 2024 NBA Playoffs in Philippines for Free

According to google trends and reports, the Philippines is the second most NBA-loving nation after USA. The passion for the NBA in the Philippines is not negligible. However, there are tons of queries people wondering about how to watch the NBA in the Philippines.

Let me clarify to you that you can watch NBA Playoffs in the Philippines. You can also watch NBA Finals in the Philippines on TV channels online and from your favorite devices in HD and Blu-ray. You may be thinking of the fear that you may lose watching NBA all-stars game in the Philippines. No way, there is a complete methodology explained here to watch every NBA event in the Philippines.

So, let’s head to the guide without wasting much time.

What Channel is NBA on TV in Philippines

You can enjoy every game of the NBA on TV channels while staying at your home. Before the NBA season 2019-20, the broadcasting rights were postponed, but now again, you can enjoy every NBA game in HD on the best TV channels.


TV5 is a Philippines free-to-air television network that has the broadcasting right to telecast NBA live in the Philippines. You can watch NBA games in high definition.

TV5 will air select “seeding games” and playoff games through the first and second rounds, while the Conference Finals will be televised in its entirety between the two channels (on ONE Sports). The 2022 NBA Finals will be broadcast exclusively on TV5.

So, tune in to TV5 and enjoy the free on-air streaming of NBA games live in the Philippines.

One Sports

One sport, formerly known as ABC Sports, is the sports division of TV5 Network. One Sports is responsible for the live streaming of major sporting events in the Philippines. You can watch the game of NBA on One Sports without any restriction. However, the weekly matches are then subdivided with the partner channel i.e TV5.

Live Stream NBA Online in Philippines

Just like the TV channels that are offering free on-air streaming of NBA games, some local Philippines platforms offer streaming of NBA games online. You just need an internet connection and some low subscription costs to watch NBA live games.


It is Philippine-based pay television sports-oriented network dedicated to NBA specifically. It is a subsidiary of Cignal TV. The NBA TV Philippines is a joint venture between Cignal TV and NBA TV. This is a localized version of NBA TV for Filipinos.

You can subscribe to an NBA TV subscription for 7$ per Month or 60$ annually. Briefly speaking, you can watch NBA on NBA TV in Philippines at lower prices.

Smart NBA TV Live Streaming

NBA TV Live streaming allows fans to watch NBA TV Philippines all shows and programs. Besides this, they also offer select games aired by NBA TV Philippines on Smart’s website through a partnership with Cignal.

You can watch Smart NBA TV Live Streaming on the Smart webpage by visiting NBA. Smart. or using the GiGa Play app.

You just need to buy a ticket for the program or an event and you can enjoy the HD streaming without any hassle.

But remember that you can’t use one NBA Smart ticket on any other device as one ticket is issued for one device only.

You must also care that the Internet Explorer Browser is not compatible with the Smart NBA. However, you can use Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Remember that the versions of the browsers must be the latest.

Other Options

  1. Sling TV
  2. hulu
  3. fuboTV
  4. TNT
  5. YoutubeTV

Watch NBA Online on Mobile

NBA games are held all over the week and the whole NBA span lasts about 6-Months. It is not practically possible to watch all games live inline or TC channel while leaving your regular day’s chores. You may be a job person or you may be a businessman. You may also get stuck in traffic while going to your destinations. On the other hand, you are a big NBA fan and never want to miss it even for a minute.

So, for that, you must have an idea that you can watch NBA games on your smart gadget i.e Mobile Device. No matter whether you have an Android or iOS, you can watch every NBA Playoff game on Mobile.

Smart Giga Play

Smart GiGa play is an app for Android and iOS that offers access to Smart NBA Tv Live Streaming. You can access this app through Google Play Store if you own an android phone. In case you own an iOS device, then you can access the app through Apple Store.

In this way, you will be able to the NBA programs and events from your mobile. Watching NBA games from your mobile is not a tough job anymore.

 Remember that you must have at least the following versions of the phone to get access to GiGa App.

  • iOS versions 10-13 or higher
  • Android Versions 6-10 or higher

Smart and TNT prepaid subscribers will have to avail of the GIGA VIDEO packs, while postpaid subscribers can get the NBA content free if they are on either the Signature or Infinity plan.

Cignal Play Mobile

If is very fortunate for the people of the Philippines that Cignal Play is available on Mobile for iOS and Android users. If you have Cignal Play mobile subscriptions, then you can get to the TV channels like TV5 and ONE Sports.

Gaming Consoles/iOS/Androids to Stream NBA Games

 You can watch NBA games in the Philippines anywhere you are simply subscribing to an NBA league pass. The NBA League Pass is a paid NBA streaming service that is available for Android and iOS devices. Besides this hardcore fans of the NBA in the Philippines can watch their favorite games on the app.

You just have to qualify by following the criteria.

  • iPhone (iOS 10.0 and higher)
  • iPad (iOS 10.0 and higher)
  • Android phone (version 5 and above)
  • Android tablet (version 5 and above)
  • Kindle Fire
  • Roku 3 and above
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 3 and 4

Stream NBA in the Philippines Avoiding Blackouts

Not all the games will be available in your area due to some patent and broadcasting rights issues. To what to do then? There may be many areas in the Philippines where you will be unable to stream the NBA matches of your choice.

So, for that, follow the following methods:

  1. Choose the VPN and Install it on your device.
  2. Change your location and relocate to any other location.
  3. Browse your favorite NBA game
  4. Choose the channel of your choice
  5. Enjoy unlimited Streaming of the NBA in the Philippines avoiding Blackouts.

Here in this article information has been shared keeping in mind the location of the hardcore NBA fans. In case you can’t access watch any NBA game on the said channels. You must go for a sound VPN service and get to your favorite channel to watch the NBA finals and NBA playoffs live.

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