How to Watch NBA in Australia | Playoffs and Finals 2022

Though small in terms of population as compared to United States of America, Australia is no far less passionate about basketball. They are more possessive for NBA live streaming. In fact, they have their own national basketball league (NBL) which happen every year. Coming back to NBA, it is one of the most watched leagues in Australia. But the problem is that all matches of NBA are not telecasted in Australia due to some broadcasting issues. So, in this article I will share the ways to watch NBA finals and NBA All Star Games in Australia.

Besides this, if you go through this article, you will also come to know the methods to watch NBA playoffs in Australia as well.

TV Channels

There are many channels in Australia where you can watch NBA all-star games live. In addition to that, there are many TV channels that are responsible to broadcast NBA finals and NBA playoffs in Australia. Here I share some top-notch TV channels who will be telecasting NBA games in Australia.


While SBS is the official NBA free to air TV provider in Australia. It will offer two matches per week. You can watch NBA games in SBS sports. This channel will be responsible to televised NBA preseason matches live.

The big thing is that you can watch live NBA streaming in demand and on HD. So, never wait for that and enjoy free on-air streaming of NBA in Australia.


How it is possible that there is a sports coverage somewhere in the world and ESPN is not there. Yes, ESPN will be telecasting all NBA matches in Australia on demand. ESPN will be covering week matches depending on its pre-specified schedule which has to be announced yet.

But you can watch NBA Finals, NBA Playoffs and NBA All-Star Games on ESPN Australia. But you may have to pay a bit more if you want to enjoy knockout phase and finals.

ESPN (Foxtel/Kayo) will televise 190 LIVE NBA games during the regular season. Besides this every match of the NBA Semi-Finals, Conference Finals and the Championship Finals will also be televised. This includes replays of the games you may have missed. There is an opportunity to watch the NBA online with either Foxtel Now or Foxtel Now from Telstra as well.

ESPN will show a number of games from the first two rounds of the playoffs. Additionally, they show every game of the Conference Finals and Finals too.

How to Watch NBA Online in Australia

You can watch NBA online form your portable devices and a variety of other options. So, you can opt for the following online mediums to watch NBA online in Australia.

NBA League Pass

Just like availability in all countries, NBA league pass is also available in Australia as well.

If you are willing to watch NBA all games this season in Australia, then the NBA league’s digital streaming services is the finest option for you.

NBA league pass has three options.

The economical option, coming in at $11.99 per month, is an NBA TV package, which provides you with up to ten games per week live and in high definition as well as 24/7 programming from NBA TV. However, you can’t watch any games on-demand and many of the best games each week – such as the All-Star game – aren’t available.

In the standard package you can watch all games of the year live or on demand in HD. Besides this you can also check out all replays of preseason, regular season All-Star weekend and the Playoffs.

The dark side is that you won’t be able to get NBA TV access in the standard league package.

In premium package, you will be able to get all access to NBA TV and all NBA games of season for the whole year. Be it playoffs, finals, conference finals and All-Star Games. You will be able to watch every NBA game via premium package.

Watch NBA Online on Pay TV Services Australia

You can always watch NBA matches via Pay TV anytime. Pay TV not only covers up the NBA competition matches but also the other basketball’s premium competition on Pay TV.

ESPN Australia

ESPN owns the official NBA broadcasting rights in Australia and will be streaming NBA all matches under the umbrella of different packages. Australians can access to 190 matches per season including the playoffs, finals, All-Star games on weekend and the big games of regular season. Normally, it’s is segregated with a double-header on Thursday with games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and at least one earlier in the week.

Foxtel Australia

Foxtel has been providing the coverage of more than 50+ sports in Australia. You can also watch all NBA games in Australia via the Foxtel Australia.

Foxtel Australia has different subscription plans while the number of games in each package are different, In the premium package you will be able to watch all NBA games. Whether they are NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals or NBA All-Star games, you can watch NBA conference finals as well on Foxtel premium package.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is also one of the best sources to watch NBA in Australia. If you are searching for some perfect NBA streaming Stuff, Kayo Sports is one of the best option available online.

Kayo Sports for Mobile enables you to view and enjoy all Foxtel content on iOS and Android for some additional monthly cost. So, this way you can watch NBA all matches via the premium package of Foxtel using the Kayo Sports for mobile.

Watch NBA in Australia avoid Blackouts

NBA does not allow the official broadcasters to stream all live NBA games on every location in Australia as well. Even the official broadcasters are not eligible to air every NBA game everywhere. So, to get rid of this you can use a sound VPN. Change your location and get access to every NBA game on your smart gadgets. With a good VPN, you can change your location and get access to NBA finals, NBA playoffs and NBA All-Star Games on Mobile, iOS and Android.

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