How to Watch NBA in USA

How to Watch NBA in USA | Ultimate Guide

Needless to mention that NBA stands for the National Basketball Association. It is of the biggest national level events that rolls over every six months. Just like NFL, NBA is very much loved by the people from all over the world. The NBA worth of about 9 US billion dollars, which is really a big chunk in terms of sports revenue.

Since the sport is loved and watched across the world and some of the first-tier countries, but there is always been a glitch for what are the generic methods to watch NBA. So, in this piece of content, I will be sharing the ways you can adopt to watch the NBA season 2021-2022 in the USA.

No matter whether you are willing to watch NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals or NBA All-Star Game. This article will be enough for your knowledge. If you are into more entertainment, never miss the main NBA All-Star Game Week this season.

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Watch NBA on TV Channels in USA

Since Cable TV channel industry is declining yet not dead till now. This is the era of wireless streaming but still you can watch all your favorite shows and sports like NBA, NFL and Soccer on TV channels. If you are a big NBA fan then there must be some option available to watch the NBA on TV Channel in USA.

Watch NBA on ESPN

ESPN is the most reliable platform to watch NBA all matches on TV. You can watch NBA playoffs, NBA all star games and NBA finals on your favorite ESPN channel. This option is valid for those who belongs to old school and loves to watch their favorite sports on TV. It is not free of cost as you have to pay for Cable subscription in order to watch NBA live on ESPN. It may cost you some dollars.

Watch NBA on ABC

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is another big platform to watch NBA on TV. It is one of the official broadcasters of NBA in USA. With its minimal package, you can enjoy the series of Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon games.
You can watch NBA weekend playoff games on ABC and besides this when it comes to finals. You can watch every nba final game.

Watch NBA on TNT

TNT officially known as American TV network and explained as Turner Network Television. TNT has been regularly broadcasting NBA games on multiple Thursday Nights. The TNT channel carry the NBA regular season games, which used to be typically air as a doubleheader on most of the weeks.

The other games that TNT airs are opening night games, the NBA All-Star Game and the vast majority of games within the conference playoffs. It also airs one of the conference finals. It broadcast the Eastern Conference Finals in odd-number years and the Western Conference Finals in even-number years.

Watch NBA on NBA TV

NBA Tv is American sports-oriented pay television network owned by National Basketball Association and widely operated by Turner Sports. This channel is totally dedicated to basketball and a finest option to watch NBA live streaming.

The NBS Tv network features all related content to basketball. Besides telecasting the NBA regular season, it also features the playoff games broadcasts from NBA.

You can watch at least 90 regular season games on NBA TV per season. The games usually air four days a week during the NBA season. The games that NBA Tv telecast are in the week days like Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays and occasionally on Wednesdays. It may also telecast Friday and Sunday games for them the ESPN does not holds the tight to telecast.
You can also enjoy some of the first-round playoff games besides full broadcasting of NBL Draft.

Watch NBA online without Cable

Today is an era of online streaming, if you don’t have cable streaming then online platforms are your superstars. So, to watch NBA without cable you can hats off the following online platforms.

Watch NBA on Fubo TV

Fubo TV opens up the new horizons to watch your favorite sports that is NBA online. The Fubo TV actually gives up the access to various TV channel that are streaming the NBA games. You can watch NBA games with cable by subscribing and buy any package of Fubo TV.

You can get the complete access to the ESPN by subscribing the Fubo TV package. Its basic package is of almost 65$ (for 250 hrs) and elite package will cost you 80$ (1000 hrs). The access to the channels will be 105+ and 150+ respectively.

Features of Fubo TV

  • The ability to stream on three devices simultaneously
  • Works on anything that has a screen
  • Recording capacity of 250 hours on its cloud DVR

Watch NBA on Sling TV

To watch NBA on ESPN without Cable, sling TV provides the best packages. They offer affordable and easy packages. You can get orange and blue packages. If you go for only ESPN, you can go for orange package.

For orange package you need to pay 35$ for 30+ channels and 50 hrs DVR. On the other hand you have to pay 50$ for orange + blue package that allows you 50+ number of channels and 50 hrs DVR.

Following are the popular features of Sling TV

  • Ability to stream on three screens with Blue
  • Recording capacity of 50 hours on its cloud DVR
  • Works on anything with a screen
  • Wide selection of add-ons to enhance your channel lineup

Watch NBA on Vidgo

This new player is one of the best performers in streaming the sports channels. You can stream the ESPN and watch NBA without cable from USA. It also offers access to ESPN2, ESPN+ and ESPNEWS under the same package.

Besides ESPN you can get 90+ Channels for the price of 55$ with no DVR space. One of the biggest advantages of Vidgo is that you can get equal number of channels as as other big market players like Youtube TV.

Features of Vidgo

  • Works on anything with a screen
  • Social viewing features like creating real-time polls and live-react videos
  • The ability to stream on three devices at once

Watch NBA on Hulu Live

You can watch NBA and other sports besides your favorite channels on Hulu Tv. To me Hulu Tv is one of the best ways to watch NBA without cable.

You can access to ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN College Extra, and ESPN News in its base package.

Hulu Live will cost you about 65$ for 85+ channels with 50+ hours DVR backup. The basic package holds to display some adds while if you buy some premium bundle of Hulu TV you won’t get any add. You can watch more than 85+ channels and 50+ hours DVR backup for the price of 70$, and yes without any ads off course.

Features of Hulu TV

  • Can simultaneously stream on two devices
  • Works on anything with a screen
  • Access to its popular library of original content
  • Recording capacity of 50 hours on its DVR

Watch NBA on NBA League Pass

In order to watch NBA without Cable, you can follow this way. Subscribe to the NBA league pass and everything will be done. You can get live streaming to NBA every game on NBA league pass. Channels like ESPN falls under their domain.
NBA league pass is dedicated to NBA only. So, go for the expert if you are only intended to know about NBA only.

Features of NFL League Pass

  • Every live HD games
  • Listen to select games in alternate languages
  • NBA TV studio shows including Game Time and Basketball Stories
  • Classic and archived games available on-demand
  • Home and Away team broadcast feeds
  • Live audio for every game of the season
  • Access to 10-min condensed replays of every game

The NFL League Pass will cost you about 65$

DirecTV Stream

Direc TV which was formerly known as AT&T TV is also one of the finest choices to access the ESPN to watch NBA without Cable.

You can get ESPN2 as well in the package.

Direc TV offers the four-package offering. The most expensive one is will cost you as higher as a Cable. But it includes premium channels besides ESPN, HBO as well.

Features of Direc TV

  • Works on anything with a screen
  • Can record up to 20 hours on its cloud DVR; unlimited available for an additional $10 a month
  • Can simultaneously stream on 3 devices

So, here is all about for how to watch NBA online without cable in USA. It is necessary to mention that, many of the locations in USA has to face blackouts, so it is not a piece of cake to watch NBA from ever location. For that, you can get a fine VPN to relocate yourself.

Watch NBA on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a stand alone site to stream live NBA matches with NBA League pass availability. The distinctive feature of Youtube TV is that is provides unlimited DVR storage. This means that you can watch your favourite NBA games by saving them for later use. Check out its feature, pricing and tv channels here.

Watch NBA on Mobile in USA

You cant bring your TV with you neither you can take your laptop or computer setup anywhere. But you can’t live without your Android or iOS device. Let the NBA is proceeding and you have to move out from your house. You are a big NBA fan and never want to miss any match. In this situation you get to know for how you can access NBA live game on your smart device. What are the apps that are really meant for you when your NBA season is going on. So here is how to watch NBA on mobile.

Watch NBA on Android and iOS

There are various fine apps that are offering live streaming of NBA every match. You may need to pay a little for them, but it simply worth it when your favorite players are in action.

Watch NBA on NBA:Official App

This app will not cost you anything until you subscribe to the NBA TV embedded to this app inside. However, to watch live streaming of NBA game you need to have paid subscription of this app.

Otherwise in order to get the short replays, scores updates, schedule and team squads, NBA app is enough for you. You will also get upto date news in the NBA official app.

In this way you can watch NBA on android and iOS as well. The misfortune for the Chinese and Asians as this app is not available for them.

Watch NBA on NextVR Now

The NextVR is a next level app to enjoy live streaming of your favorite events. It is not only restricted to NBA only; it also covers other level sports like college basketball. Besides sports, it has many more options.

It is a virtual reality app where you can enjoy NBA match as if you are sitting in the front row of the hall. Just wear a VR glass and enjoy the action where ever you are on your mobile device.

You can watch NFL playoffs, NBA Finals and NBA All Star Game on your android or iOS device using NextVR Now App.

Watch NBA on ESPN Mobile

ESPN extends its facilities to the mobile users as well. It is a finest app of all and you can get multi lingual flavor here. You an get score update, news and schedule of events just with the tap on your android or iOS devices. You just have to download the app from Android Store in case you have an Android device and Apple Store in case you have iPhone.

More importantly, this app is not restricted to NBA or basketball only, you can have many sports in your mobile. This is simply amazing with no price.

You can watch NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals and NBA All-Star Game on ESPN mobile.

Other Apps to Consider

  • Watch TNT
  • Watch NBA Basketball
  • Basketball TV Live Streaming
  • Basketball Live: Live NBA scores, stats, and news

Watch NBA in USA for Free

You may be wondering if you can watch NBA in USA or not. So, the answer is Yes! You can watch NBA for free in USA. But you have to bother for that. In addition to that, you may have risk some safety on that as well. Watching NBA for free of cost may risk you some safety. There are various online sites that are streaming NBA for free but they are not safe and requires a lot of labor. You have to face a lot of malwares and bugs that may ruin your device. Furthermore, you have to face a lot of pop ups while watching which is terrible.

If you can’t afford the paid subscription, you can just go for any of the following online streaming sites and get their trail period of 7 days. Enjoy the trail period and get another trail on another card to watch NBA for free in USA.

  • NBA League Pass
  • AT&T TV
  • Hulu
  • Live TV

Watch NBA in Blackout Regions of USA

You can’t watch every game of NBA from anywhere in the USA. There are some blackout regions where the broadcasters have no rights to telecast the matches of NBA. So, what’s the solution for that?

You simply need to have a tool to relocate yourself and get to the TV Channel or online Streaming platforms to access live coverage of NBA match.

Follow the following steps to get rid of NBA blackouts in your region.

  • Install a VPN on your device or add extension in case you have laptop.
  • Get the paid subscription to avoid any legal issues.
  • Initiate it and change your location.
  • Get to your favorite channel and watch live stream of NFL from your location.

Is it safe to watch NBA on free streaming site?

Here in this article information has been shared keeping in mind the location of the hardcore NBA fans. In case you can’t access to watch any NBA game in the said channels. You must go for a sound VPN service and get to your favorite channel to watch NBA finals and NBA playoffs live.

No, this is not legit so I will not recommend it as a safe method to watch NBA for free in USA. Anyways you can be a little cunning if you watch NBA by availing the free trail period of some of the online platforms mentioned above.

However, you can change your location by using a paid top-notch VPN.

Can I watch NBA online without Ads?

Yes, you can watch NBA without the ads if you get the premium subscription of any of the online streaming platforms. In a minimum or low-level subscription, you may have to have some pop-up ads.

What is NBA Blackout and how to get rid of this?

NBA restricts some the broadcasting of some of the local matches to some specified area. There are some criteria that you can read on their website. However, if you want to get rid of the Blackouts, you must avail the facility of some of the best VPN services. You can manipulate the location and enjoy the unlimited online streaming if your favorite NBA game.

Can I watch NBA all matches in a single TV channel?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch every NBA game on a single channel. This is due to the fact that the timings of matches collide hence it is not easy for channels to manage them. In addition to that, there is some broadcasting restrictions to the channel by the official partner. NBA has given partial rights to different channels so that they can cover some of the matches.

Do the NBA telecast is available for all over the world besides USA?

Yes, people from all over the world can watch NBA without any hassle. The answer needs some elaboration so it cannot no addressed right here. I have built some separate guides for the most demanded regions.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch every NBA game on a single channel. This is due to the fact that the timings of matches collide hence it is not easy for channels to manage them. In addition to that, there is some broadcasting restrictions to the channel by the official partner. NBA has given partial rights to different channels so that they can cover some of the matches.

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