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How to Watch NBA 2024 Playoffs Live Stream in Hong Kong

The small country of population nearly 8.00M has a lot of passion for basketball. There is a huge fan following of NBA icons in HK. Be it Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan; the passion for basketball among that region of people can never be denied. But unfortunately, unlike USA there are not too many streaming options available to stream online the NBA games for the people of HK.

So, I decided to compile a guide for them. That way they will be able to stream live NBA Playoff, NBA Finals as well as NBA All-Star games in Hong Kong. In addition to that, you will be able to watch the NBA draft too in HK after giving it a few minutes to read.

Watch NAB Streaming Live in Hong Kong

HK is among those countries where there are not any official channels to stream live NBA games. However, you can access any online streaming service that is available in the USA or any first-world country to watch live streaming of NBA games.

Yes, you can watch NBA on the following USA-based online streaming services:

  1. Sling TV
  2. Hulu
  3. fuboTV
  4. YouTube TV

Choose any one of them and you will enter the world of live streaming of NBA games. Among all the above YouTube TV should be the first priority as it contains NBA League pass within. So, it is all in one package as you can watch the NBA as well as other sports with a lot of entertainment and child channels.

How to access SlingTV, Hulu, fuboTV, and YouTube Tv in Hong Kong

No doubt that online streaming services are not available to the people of HK. These streaming services are area-based services. However, you can access them via the following method:

  1. Download and Install Express VPN on your Mobile or Laptop
  2. Delete the cookies and history of your browser before launching the Express VPN
  3. Launch the Express VPN and relocate yourself to the USA
  4. After doing that, get a free trial of any of the above-mentioned streaming services
  5. Browser for the channels where NBA matches are available e.g ESPN or NBA Tv
  6. Enjoy the free streaming of NBA games till the trial period

You can enjoy the trial period for free with any of the streaming services. However, if you are a serious NBA fan, then you can get a paid subscription to any streaming mentioned above.

Watch NBA on NBA League Pass

If streaming services are not within your reach and you just want to watch NBA games this season. NBA league pass will be the finest option for you. Actually, NBA offers two passes. One pass is for USA and Canada and the other one is the international NBA Pass, which works internationally. You have to go for the international NBA pass to watch live NBA games.

It will cost you $13/mo or $64 annually

The following are the features of the International NBA Pass:

  1. Stream every live and on-demand game for all teams, plus NBA studio shows
  2. Every live HD games
  3. Listen to select games in alternate languages
  4. NBA TV studio shows including Game Time and Basketball Stories
  5. Classic and archived games available on-demand
  6. Home and Away team broadcast feed
  7. Live audio for every game of the season
  8. Access to 10-min condensed replays of every game
  9. Download games for offline viewing

How to Access NBA League Pass in Hong Kong

There may be some blackouts while using NBA league pass in Hong Kong. But don’t worry you will not be deprived of watching NBA streaming in Hong Kong using NBA League Pass. Take the following steps to access NBA League Pass in Hong Kong:

  1. Download and Install Express VPN on your mobile or laptop
  2. Delete cookies and browsing history from your mobile and laptop
  3. Launch the Express VPN and Change your location to the USA
  4. After changing the location access, you NBA league pass app and launch your NBA game there.

How to watch NBA for free in Hong Kong

There is only single way to watch NBA for free is to enjoy the free trial periods of any of the streaming services or NBA League pass. However, the free trial periods are also limited and you may avail it under certain terms and conditions.

The other way to watch NBA for free is through Crackstreams and Buffstreams. These services are not secure and may not be legit to access in your area. For ultimate protection, use a fine VPN and change your IP as well as location before accessing them.

Lastly, I am not in favor to watch free streaming as it is ethically not correct and may sabotage the years of efforts registered companies have done to provide quality services.

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