How to Watch NBA in United Kingdom

Where to Live Stream NBA 2024 Playoffs Online in UK

How can we leave our first-world nations deprived of such an important piece of information on NBA? Just like USA, there is an epic fan following of basketball in the UK as well. In this article, I will be sharing the complete guide for how you can watch NBA in the UK if you are traveling. The TV channels and reliable online streaming platforms for you to watch NBA matches without any interruption. Be it is NBA Playoffs, or NBA Finals or you are questing for NBA All-Star game or NBA Draft. I bring up a single solution to watch any game of NBA in the UK.

Watch NBA in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales on TV

There is a wide range of TV channels that are broadcasting every NBA game in the UK and Ireland. However, I will only list those that are authentic and reliable.

NBA on Sky Sports Arena/Sky Sports Main Event

Access Sky Sports Arena or Sky Sports event for your main NBA game for the season 2022. Sky Sports are the official broadcaster of the NBA in the region.

Sky Sports is offering very competitive packages for NBA fans. On Sky Sports Action and on Sky Sports Arena your favorite NBA stars will be in action.

You can check the pricing on the official Sky Sports Website.

Sky Sports has also its own app namely SkyGo App, that you can access to watch NBA online on Mobile.

The Other Way to Access Sky Sports Main Event

You can access Sky Sports with NowTV. You can get Sky Sports day pass for 10 pounds only. If you enjoy monthly streaming you will just have to pay 34 pounds.

Watch NBA Online in UK and Ireland Without Cable

If you are allergic to cable, that’s fine, you are a modern world man. There are various online streaming services that give you access to various NBA streaming channels like ESPN, ABC, and TNT. You just have their subscriptions or a smart way to access them from your country.

You can watch NBA on streaming services like:

  1. Sling TV
  2. fuboTV
  3. Hulu
  4. YoutubeTV (Includes NBA League Pass)

Other than YouTube TV, streaming services like Sling, fubo, and Hulu may not be available in UK. So in order to access them in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, you have to follow simple steps.

  1. Download and Install Express VPN on your mobile devices or PCs
  2. After getting the subscription, launch the extension or the app on mobile
  3. Change your location to the USA or the Country where they are available
  4. Now Launch the Streaming Service
  5. Browse for the official channel like ESPN, ABC, or TNT
  6. Enjoy online streaming of NBA Games on your Smart Gadget without any hassle.

Watch NBA for free in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales

If you are not in the mood to spend money to watch NBA games, then the other option to watch is to avail the free trial periods of any of the online streaming services. The streaming services offer free trial periods more commonly for 7-days. You can avail the opportunity to watch NBA for free in UK. You may need Express VPN to access them. Never mind, they are also offering a 7-day trial period that can be canceled anytime.

The other way to stream live NBA games is through Reddit Channels. Reddit updates the streaming channels just before the kickoff time. You can search there to watch free online streaming. However, this is not a legit way and you may have to face some judicial remands. To avoid this you can layer your IP address using a VPN service.

A VPN will hide your IP address and you will not get caught that way.

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