How to Watch NBA in Malaysia

How to Watch 2024 NBA Playoffs Online in Malaysia

Malaysia, a country of about 35 million people is really into the native sport of basketball played in the USA. There are millions of fans of the NBA in Malaysia and they don’t like to miss any of their favorite NBA matches in Malaysia. To watch the NBA finals and NBA Playoffs, they organize commercial-size screens in their central locations and restaurants. However, not all fans get to the screens and move out of their home due to COVID restrictions.

So, in this article, I will guide you on how you can watch NBA all-star games, and NBA league matches besides NBA finals and Playoffs in Malaysia.

Watch NBA Live Streaming on NBA League Pass in Malaysia

There are two types of league passes. One is for the local audiences of the USA and Canada. While another one is NBA league pass international for fans outside USA and Canada.

You should get the international pass in order to watch NBA.

NBA league pass allows you to access the clock NBA coverage with NBA TV. You can watch all games, besides NBA programs on NBA live games.

You can also get the NBA league pass for a single day. It may cost you a bit higher but if you are just into watching the NBA for a day, it will be all fine.

NBA League pass is available for iOS and Android devices. In order to watch NBA on Android, you just need to download the app from the app store. However, if you are an iOS user, then you can go to Apple Store to Watch the NBA

Price: $199 for the Whole Season

NBA Streaming Online in Malaysia | Streaming Options

Unfortunately, there are not any native online NBA streaming services in Malaysia. However, you can opt for some internal OTT services to watch NBA finals, playoffs, and all-star games right through the devices you love.

Following are the online streaming mediums you can opt for in order to live stream NBA in Malaysia.

  1. Sling TV
  2. Fubo TV
  3. Hulu
  4. Youtube TV
  5. Direc TV

How to access Online Streaming Services in Malaysia?

It may happen that the online streaming services mentioned above are not available in Malaysia. The reason is that those are OTT services and are juridically restricted. So, to get their access to follow the following steps:

  1. Install express VPN on your mobile, laptop, or any other device.
  2. Clear the cache and browsing history of your device.
  3. Initiate the express VPN and change your location to your native country may be Canada or USA.
  4. Browse for the channel on which you want to watch NBA.
  5. Enjoy the streaming of the NBA on your favorite channels through multi-devices.

How to watch NBA for free in Malaysia?

You can watch NBA for free in Malaysia by following the methods.

  1. Avail the free-trail period of any of the streaming channels.
  2. Crackstreams and Buffstreams are also ways to watch NBA for free.

The 2nd method mentioned above is not a secure and legit method to watch NBA in Malaysia. Your data may prone to insecurity. Besides this, you may have a lot of hurdles like pop-up ads and loss of connection. You can avail of free streaming services through a VPN service. That will cover up your IP and you can get access to those channels in a relatively secure manner.

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