How to Watch NBA in Qatar

How to Watch NBA 2024 Playoffs Online in Qatar

Though not too much popular for sports (other than football), Qatar owns a fine strength of basketball lovers in the vicinity. For not being a native sport like USA, there are not too many options for streaming live NBA matches in gulf and especially Qatar. However, there are some authentic ways one can follow to watch NBA in Qatar. For tourists, there will be a guide to watch and get access to their streaming services outside USA.

In this brief guide, I will share that how to watch NBA finals, playoffs, all-star games and NBA drafts in Qatar.

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Watch NBA on TV Channels in Qatar

There are very limited TV channels that offer live updates and broadcasting of NBA matches in Qatar. One can count them on their fingertips.

beIN Sports MENA

beIN MENA’s headquarter is in Doha, Qatar as have broadcasting rights in Middle East and North Africa. All updates about the NBA can be viewed on beIN Sports NBA channels. Mostly the NBA matches will be available on Channel 20 if you own a satellite network (beIN Sports MENA). You can watch live matches they are officially allowed by NBA to beIN sports MENA.

Moziac TV (Qatar)

However, if you are having a Cable TV, then you can watch beIN Sports NBA in Channel 620. The NBA coverage will be available in HD.

Watch NBA on ESPN Qatar

You can watch NBA on the official broadcast of NBA in Qatar. You may not access ESPN on your mobile and laptop due to blackout issues. However, you can resolve them. You can access ESPN and ESPN+ in Qatar by following methods:

  1. Download and Install Express VPN on your Mobile or Whatever device you have
  2. You must have the annual, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription of any of the online streaming services like Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu or Youtube TV. You can also access DirecTV (At&T) access ESPN on any of the online streaming services
  3. After installing the Express VPN, launch it and then change your location
  4. After changing your location to the USA or Canada launch the online streaming services
  5. Browse for your channel like ESPN or ESPN+
  6. Enjoy the streaming of NBA on any of smart gadget you are having

How to Watch NBA without Cable in Qatar

Those were the days when people prioritize TV channels and Cable networks to watch their favorite sports. These days’ people prefer to watch sports on streaming services. There are various streaming services there that can be accessed everywhere in the world. The benefit of online streaming services is that you can have a lot in one subscription. Besides watching NBA, you can also watch other famous sports on any of the streaming services.

Furthermore, some streaming services like YouTube TV allow add-ons access to NBA League Pass.

How to access SlingTV, fuboTV, Hulu, Direc TV and YouTubeTV in Qatar

Since the streaming services are OTT-based and may only be available on nominated countries. However, you can access any of the streaming services in Qatar by following the following steps:

  1. Download and Install Express VPN on your Device (Laptop, Mobile, iOS or Android)
  2. Launch the Express VPN
  3. Change your location to USA
  4. Launch any of the Streaming Service
  5. Browse for Online Streaming  Services
  6. Select your Channel (ESPN, ABC, At&T)
  7. Enjoy streaming of NBA on your device

Watch NBA Streaming on NBA League Pass Qatar

The easiest and simplest way to watch every NBA game is the have a subscription of NBA League Pass. There are two passes issued by NBA for their clients. One pass is for local USA-based customers. The international pass is there for any other country outside USA. However, you may still face NBA league pass blockages outside USA.

In order to access NBA League Pass in Qatar, follow the following steps:

  1. Download and Install Express VPN
  2. Launch VPN and Change your Location
  3. After changing location, access NBA League Pass
  4. Watch, save for letter streaming of NBA matches there

You may be wondering why you should get NBA League Pass. Following are the best features you can never ignore of NBA League Pass.

  • Stream every live and on-demand game for all teams, plus NBA studio shows.
  • Every live HD game
  • Listen to select games in alternate languages
  • NBA TV studio shows, including Game Time and Basketball Stories
  • Archived games available on-demand
  • Home and Away team broadcast feeds
  • Live audio for every game of the season
  • Access to 10-min condensed replays of every game
  • Download games for offline viewing

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