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Best Ways to Live Stream NBA Playoffs in Russia

Russian fan following towards NBA is no way lesser than any other country. Due to the sea of population, the number of NBA followers in Russia is higher than in any Latin American Country like Argentina and Venezuela. But there is not any clear way that the Russian people can follow in order to watch the NBA from their territory. NBA Finals are going to hit after NBA Playoffs. Similarly, the most awaited event in Basketball i.e. NBA All-Star Games is also approaching. But the guide to watching these events are not abundantly available.

So, in this brief article, I will guide you on how you can watch NBA all games including the NBA Finals and NBA All-Star Games in Russia.

Megogo TV Russia

MEGOGO is an international media service in Eastern Europe that allows users to watch videos, watch television, and listen to music.

Over 55 million unique visitors visit the site each month. More than 90,000 hours of content are available in the resource library.

Mediaservice works with a number of well-known studios, including FOX, BBC, Sony, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures. MEGOGO offers over 10,000 free units of entertainment, including over 4,500 videos and 1,500 cartoons.

Being the Official Broadcaster of the NBA in Russia, you can watch all NBA games in Russian territory via Megogo TV.

If you watch to watch NBA on Mobile, you can download the Megogo TV app from your mobile.

All of our viewers, as well as millions of Russian basketball enthusiasts, will have easy and legal access to unique world-class sports content, including live broadcasts of the finest NBA games with Russian commentary.


NBA TV is not directly accessible in Russia. However, you need to get a subscription to Megogo TV and then browse for the NAB TV within the domain. You will find NBA TV there to watch NBA games in Russia.

However, if you are unable to access NBA TV there, then you must have to use the VPN in order to change your location. The Express VPN is the finest and most reliable in the industry. It will hide your IP address and get you to access to NBA TV in Russia.

NBA League Pass

As you know, you can watch NBA on NBA League Pass anywhere in the world except in some restricted countries. Thanks to the almighty that Russia does not fall under that. NBA offers two types of passes for NBA fans. The local pass is for viewers of the USA and Canada. However, the international pass is available for the rest of the world.

With the NBA League pass you can have:

  1. Every live and on-demand game for all teams, plus NBA studio shows.
  2. Every live HD games
  3. Listen to select games in alternate languages
  4. NBA TV studio shows including Game Time and Basketball Stories
  5. Classic and archived games available on-demand
  6. Home and Away team broadcast feeds
  7. Live audio for every game of the season
  8. Access to 10-min condensed replays of every game

Online Streaming Without Cable

Besides NBA League Pass and Megogo TV there is a variety of options that you can opt for in order to watch NBA games online in Russia from any of your gadgets and smart devices like iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, etc.

Here I list down the following options to watch NBA in Russia without Cable:

And many moreā€¦

How to avoid NBA Blackouts in Russia

Not all streaming services can broadcast all matches in your location. There may be some blackout areas in Russia. If you are not able to access any of your NBA channels, then you must get subscribe to any VPN and relocate yourself to watch NBA from a blackout location.

Can I watch NBA for free in Russia?

Yes, you can watch NBA for free in Russia. Most of the options we mentioned above offer free telecast of the NBA for a 7-day trial period. You can opt for them and enjoy the streaming of your favorite games. The trial period is for some specific periods of the year.

Are there any free streaming services to watch NBA in Russia

Yes, there are some free streaming services that offer unlimited free streaming of the NBA and other such famous sports. Crackstreams and Buffstreams are examples. However, you may not access them as they are also available for some regions only. You can use a VPN to relocate yourself and watch free streaming. Is Online Free streaming of the NBA secure or Not?

If you are opting for the free trial periods of NBA league pass or other Legit Streaming services, then it is legal. If you are looking for some unknown free streaming services, as I mentioned in 2nd query, then they are purely unsecured and may be illegal in your area. There will be a lot of pop-up ads and data breaches on such sports streaming platforms. You can use a VPN to overcome it, however.

How to watch NBA in Ukraine?

Ukraine and Russia have almost the same official broadcasting channels. You can follow the above guide in order to watch NBA games in Ukraine as well.

Why do we need a VPN to get rid of NBA Blackouts in Russia?

In reality, NBA restricts the broadcaster to airing live NBA streaming in a few areas. So, the people of that area will not be able to watch that specific game from their location. So, a VPN is a service that will change your location and IP address to hide your identity. Doing so you will then get access to that specific channel from the different regions like USA and Canada.

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